Happy New Year. The last month was quiet for trademark and copyright litigation in Indiana, with only two new filings and numerous deadline extensions. However, there were a few interesting filings in ongoing cases. Noble Roman’s has filed a lengthy Response and Reply. Delta continues to pursue a Default Judgment against an online counterfeiter that continues to operate. The Triple LLL trademark lawsuit was settled with a Consent Judgment. Read on below and stay tuned for updates.

Noble Roman’s, Inc. v. Gateway Triangle Corp. et al. (SD, filed 2/5/2021) – On January 6, 2022, Noble Roman’s filed its Response in Opposition to Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment and Reply in Support of Summary Judgment on Abuse of Process Counterclaim.

Delta Faucet Company v. Iakovlev et al. (SD, filed 3/25/2021) – On December 14, 2021, Delta submitted a Status Update regarding their Motion for Default Judgment. There is still no ruling.

Triple LLL Truck Repair, Inc. v. Triple LLL, Inc. et al. (ND, filed 4/26/2021) – The parties filed a Consent Judgment on December 17, 2021 and the lawsuit was dismissed on December 21, 2021.

Sears Authorized Hometown Stores, LLC v. Lynn Retails, Inc. et al. (SD, filed 6/4/2021) – The parties’ discovery deadline has been extended via joint motion until March 18, 2022.

Noble Roman’s, Inc. v. AMI Stores Management, Inc. et al. (SD, filed 6/6/2021) – The parties’ discovery deadlines have been extended via motion.

Phoenix Intangibles Holding Company et al. v. Virk Brothers, LLC et al. (ND, filed 7/9/2021) – No update this month.

AWGI, LLC et al. v. CLD Trucking Co. d/b/a Atlas Moving Systems AMS (SD, filed 7/22/2021) – No update this month.

RE/MAX, LLC et al. v. Dulin et al. (SD, filed 8/24/2021) – The Plaintiffs’ discovery deadline has been extended to February 9, 2022.

Forest River, Inc. v. inTech Trailers, Inc. (ND, filed 8/31/2021) – The parties now have a deadline of January 31, 2022 to name a mediator.

Thomas v. ooShirts, Inc. et al. (SD, filed 9/24/2021) – Notice of settlement was filed by the Court and the parties have until July 1, 2022 to file dismissal documents.

Edutainment Live, LLC v. Video Game Palooza et al. (SD, filed 10/11/2021) – The Defendants filed an Answer on January 3, 2022. Defendants are represented by J. Richard Moore of Bleeke Dillon Crandall, P.C.

Indiana University Health, Inc et al. v. Thomas A. Brady Sports Medicine Center, P.C. (SD, filed 11/1/2021) – No update this month.

Alcorn v. COTR, LLC (SD, filed 11/22/2021) – An Initial Pretrial Conference is scheduled on February 8, 2022.

Innovative Sports Management Inc. v. La Jalisco LLP (SD, filed 12/15/2021) – No update yet.

AWGI LLC et al. v. Doe (SD, filed 1/7/2022) – No update yet.

December 2021 Updates