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January’s first Indiana intellectual property lawsuit involves Atlas Van Lines seeking to again protect its famous “Atlas” brand.

The Plaintiffs, based in Evansville, Indiana, have been transporting goods under the name “Atlas” since 1948. The Atlas family of companies includes more than 430 independent Atlas agencies across the U.S. and Canada, plus authorized partners in 140 countries. 

The Defendant is alleged to have offered freight transport, storage, warehousing, logistics and forwarding services under the fictitious business name “Atlas Logistic Courier.” However, due to various acts of subterfuge, the Plaintiffs have been unable to determine the true identity of the Defendant, thus initially filing against a John Doe. This case will be interesting to follow to see how the Plaintiffs try to figure out the Defendant’s identity.

The Defendant’s website, http://www.atlaslogisticcourier.com, is down as of January 10, so they may already have made the decision to give up and likely disappear.

Stay tuned for updates.

AWGI LLC et al. v. Doe

Case Number: 3:22-cv-00004-RLY-MPB
File Date: January 7, 2022
Plaintiff: AWGI LLC, Atlas Van Lines, Inc.
Plaintiff Counsel: Mark F. Warzecha, Esq. of Widerman Malek, PL
Defendant: John Doe d/b/a Atlas Logistic Courier
Cause: Federal Trademark Infringement, Common Law Unfair Competition
Court: Southern District of Indiana
Judge: Richard L. Young
Referred To: Matthew P. Brookman