woman_car_highresHey, Indiana, leave those kids alone!  Senate Bill 16, signed last week by Governor Daniels, hopes to prevent young drivers  from using a “telecommunications device” while operating a motor vehicle.  So, kids, no more texting, talking or tweeting while behind the wheel.

SB 16 goes into effect July 1, 2009.  The pertinent language (full image below):

(4) The individual may not operate a motor vehicle while using a telecommunications device until the individual becomes eighteen (18) years of age unless the telecommunications device is being used to make a 911 emergency call.

SB 16

SB 16-2

Click here for the full text of Senate Bill 16.

The bill, heavily sponsored by AAA, is based on statistics conclusively showing that teens driving and using a cell phone is dangerous.  But I’ve seen plenty of statistics that say the same about adult drivers.  In fact, maybe the additional comfort level that comes with years of experience could make adults more prone to losing focus on the road while texting or talking.  Could this law be a precursor to some more expansive cell phone restrictions down the road?