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David can’t always afford to fight Goliath.  Warsaw Community Schools (Warsaw, Indiana) recently received a cease and desist letter from the University of Missouri to stop using their tiger logo.

A licensing company determined that it was the same tiger logo as the University of Missouri’s and issued a cease and desist order. picture-21

A few years ago Warsaw re-designed their tiger to modernize it but claim that they didn’t intend to copy Missouri’s.  The logo can be found on Warsaw’s track, trash cans, stationary, staff uniforms, and football uniforms.

Even if the logos aren’t identical, are they confusingly similar?  Any more so than the other 1,000 Tigers athletics programs out there?  Apparently, Warsaw didn’t want to find out and has decided not to challenge Missouri.  Instead, Warsaw will be selecting a new logo…a contest will be held among their students to determine the new logo.  And perhaps a trademark attorney could run a quick clearance search.

Source: WNDU