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This trademark dispute between Hobart, Indiana-based Indiana Botanic Gardens and a California defendant involves the use of the trademark EUCAMINT in connection with camphorated ointments. The Plaintiff has used its trademark since 1925.

The Defendant has been using the EUCAMINT mark in connection with a eucalyptus shower mist since as early as 2013.

Camphor used to be made by distilling the bark and wood of the camphor tree. Today, camphor is chemically manufactured from turpentine oil. It is used in products such as Vicks VapoRub. –WebMD

Indiana Botanic Gardens Inc v. Snyder Manufacturing Corporation

Court Case Number: 2:16-cv-00197-JD-PRC
File Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc.
Plaintiff Counsel:
David C. Brezina, Boris Umansky of Ladas & Parry LLP
Defendant: Snyder Manufacturing Corporation d/b/a Eurospa Aromatics d/b/a Eurospa Chemicals
Cause: Federal Trademark Infringement, Federal Unfair Competition, Common Law Trademark Infringement, Common Law Unfair Competition
Northern District of Indiana
Jon E. DeGuilio
Referred ToPaul R. Cherry