In a ceremony last week in the White House East Room, President Obama bestowed the National Medal of Science on 10 researchers and awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation to three individuals and a three-person team.

The medals represent the government’s highest honor for scientists, engineers and inventors.

Obama said their achievements “stand as a testament to the ingenuity, to their zeal for discovery and to the willingness to give of themselves and to sacrifice in order to expand the reach of human understanding. All of us have benefited from their work.”

Recipients of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation are:

  • Helen M. Free, Miles Laboratories, Indiana, for contributions to diagnostic chemistry through development of dip-and-read urinalysis.
  • Harry Coover of Eastman Chemical Co., Tennessee, for inventing cyanoacrylates, also known as super glues.
  • Steven J. Sasson, Eastman Kodak Co., New York, for inventing the digital camera and revolutionizing the way images are captured, stored and shared.
  • The Intel Corp. team of Federico Faggin, Marcian E. Hoff Jr. and Stanley Mazor for inventing the first microprocessor.

For more info on these awards and the recipients of the National Science Award, see Wall Street Journal Online.