No longer can anyone accuse our Indiana Appellate Courts of not being tech-savvy.  Robert Rath

Today, the Indiana Supreme Court has named Robert Rath as the first-ever Director of Appellate Court Technology.  “Rath will play a crucial role in developing a stronger vision for how the Court utilizes technology.  Rath will review Court processes and identify how changing technology may improve Court functions and services.”

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) recommended Indiana hire an Appellate Court IT Director.  A consultant from the NCSC helped evaluate candidates for the position.  The Supreme Court also formed a selection committee made up of Directors from the Division of State Court Administration, Court of Appeals, Indiana Judicial Center, and Clerk of the Appellate Courts.  The decision to hire Mr. Rath allows Indiana to dedicate one person to developing a strategy for technology improvements.

I look forward to seeing what changes he implements.  Streamlined online filing, trial simulcasts, enhanced public access for educational purposes…these are some of the ideas on my wishlist.

Click here for the full press release.

Hat tip to the Indiana Law Blog for the story.