A good DJ will impart a sense of feeling, rythym and happiness on a party.

In order to ensure that their own business also runs as smooth and happily as the dance floor, DJs providing services for venues should use a performance agreement in securing a set and, importantly, the payment. Here are some key questions to consider for your DJ performance agreement:

  1. Have you made sure the venue can understand the provisions of the contract?
  2. Have you communicated to the venue the minimum deposit needed to bind the terms of the agreement?
  3. Have you communicated to the venue that they are obligated to pay you if the set is cancelled on the performance date?
  4. Have you discussed the conditions that release both parties from the agreement?
  5. Have you communicated to the purchaser regarding terms of your deposit and the remaining balance?
  6. Have you discussed with the venue about advertising control of your show?

Go back and review your performance agreement with the above questions in mind. If you’re uncertain, contact an entertainment attorney for a professional review of your agreement.