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Boy Racer, Inc. v. Does 1-23

Raphael Whitford of Steele Hanselmeier is filing this complaint on behalf of adult film company, Boy Racer, Inc.  The defendants are alleged to have downloaded and shared the film L.A. Pink via the 
bittorrent file sharing method.  Defendants are listed as John Does as they are currently only known by their IP address.  These types of suits are becoming common as lawyers begin to troll peer-to-peer file services, collecting IP addresses.  These suits are filed (and often dismissed) so the lawyers can send out hundreds or thousands of settlement letters like this one.  More information on this type of lawsuit can be found here.  Whitford filed an identical complaint (with only a change of plaintiff and defendant IP addresses) on the same day for another adult film company.

Court Case Number: 4:11-cv-00070-SEB-WGH
File Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Plaintiff: Boy Racer, Inc.
Plaintiff Counsel: Raphael J. Whitford of Steele Hanselmeier PLLC
Defendant: Does 1-23
Cause: Copyright Infringement, Civil Conspiracy
Court: Southern District of Indiana
Judge: Judge Sarah Evans Barker
Referred To: Magistrate Judge William G. Hussmann, Jr