Justices of the Indiana Supreme Court, a 467-page multi-author volume exploring the lives of the 106 Justices of the Court, is now available from the Indiana Historical Society Press.  Edited by Linda C. Gugin and James E. St. Clair, it examines the lives of the 106 men and women who have sat on the state’s highest court.  The book includes an introduction by the Chief Justice of the United States, John G. Roberts Jr.

With 72 authors, the book captures details of the lives of the self-taught, circuit riding Justices from the early days of statehood through the 21st century Justices now serving on the Court.  Photographs, including those from previously unpublished private family collections, complete the edition.  The public can purchase the book at the Indiana Historical Society for $37.95.

The Supreme Court’s educational outreach program, “Courts in the Classroom” (CITC) collaborated with the Indiana Historical Society Press on Justices of the Indiana Supreme Court.  The Indiana Bar Foundation made a grant in support of the project.  CITC’s primary objective is to help educators, students, historians, and interested citizens learn about the history and operation of Indiana’s judicial branch.  As part of its outreach, CITC provides free lesson plans to teachers, interactive programs in the state Supreme Courtroom and publications about Indiana’s legal history.  For more information please contact Dr. Elizabeth R. Osborn at eosborn@courts.state.in.us or visit courts.in.gov/citc.  CITC will offer the book to schools and libraries across the state at no cost.

Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard sees the book as a valuable addition to civics education.   “This book has remarkable historic value,” explained Chief Justice Shepard.  “We are thrilled that students, educators and the public will have this resource that showcases the rich history of the third branch of government.”

The Indiana Supreme Court and CITC previously collaborated with the Indiana Historical Society Press on the publication of Hoosier Justice at Nuremberg ($6.95). The Nuremberg book, by Suzanne S. Bellamy, examines the roles of two Indiana Supreme Court Justices in post-World War II Germany.  In 1947, Justices Frank Richman of Columbus and Curtis Shake of Vincennes were called to serve as civilian judges in the Nuremberg tribunals.

These books and other Supreme Court publications (courts.in.gov/citc/bookstore.html) are available to libraries, teachers and all other educational institutions free of charge.  Requests should be sent to Sarah Kidwell at skidwell@courts.state.in.us.

A Continuing Legal Education program will be offered on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 3:00 pm in the Supreme Court Courtroom featuring authors from the book.  Reservations are required.  Contact Elizabeth Osborn at eosborn@courts.state.in.us.