For those who don’t follow KLF Legal on Facebook or Twitter, here are some of the stories I shared in November. Wikileaks, copyright trolls and Sarah Palin, oh my.

Scan the headlines and you may find something interesting:

Rethink social media policies in light of NLRB complaint, lawyers say

US embassy cables: The job of the media is not to protect the powerful from embarrassment

Blogger released from Egyptian jail after four years

SAP Must Pay Oracle $1.3 Billion Over Unit’s Downloads

Judge to Righthaven: Show why lawsuit shouldn’t be dismissed

David Kernell, Palin E-mail Hacker, Sentenced To Year In Custody

Sarah Palin sues website for leaking excerpts of new book

Oregon Senator Vows To Block Internet Blacklist Bill

Lawyer wants “Goliath verdict” against RIAA in abuse trial

Labor board: Facebook vent against supervisor not grounds for firing

Police recruits must provide social sites’ passwords

Legal Attack on Internet Music Storage Threatens ‘Safe Harbor’ Rules for Online Businesses

The Case Against COICA

Dealing with Online Customer Reviews

Copyright Lawyers Sue Lawyer Who Helped Copyright Defendants

New Oklahoma law gives estate executors control over the social networking profiles of dead people

Bach: Anti-Copyright Activist?

The State of The Music Industry and the Delegitimization of Artists

Every Inch Counts: Porn Filesharing Lawsuits Crest 30K Defendants

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