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1A Smart Start Inc. v. Indiana Safe Start Inc.

Good ol’ fashion trademark brawl over in the “electronic breath activated ignition lock for automobiles” industry. In one corner, Smart Start. In the other corner, Safe Start. There is apparently evidence of actual consumer confusion.

Leave a comment if you’d like a full copy of the complaint.

Court Case Number: 3:10-cv-00292-TLS-CAN
File Date: Friday, July 16, 2010
Plaintiff: 1A Smart Start Inc.
Plaintiff Counsel: Gerald W. Roberts of Thompson & Knight LLP, Remy Davis
Defendant: Indiana Safe Start Inc., Thomas Bjornstad
Cause: Federal Trademark Infringement, Common Law Trademark Infringement, False Designation of Origin, Unfair Competition
Court: Northern District of Indiana
Judge: Judge Theresa L. Springmann
Referred To: Magistrate Judge Christopher A. Nuechterlein