I just stumbled upon this cool press release. If you haven’t checked out iTunes U, it has some great (and free) educational content. Take a look.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art recently announced that it has launched its own presence on iTunes U. iTunes U delivers easy access to educational content from hundreds of colleges, universities and educationally focused organizations across the country. The site was launched on January 28 and currently features 20 videos and three audio tours, which were produced by the IMA’s new media team.

Working closely with staff at Apple, the IMA’s new media team created a selection of content for the launch of its iTunes U site that represents the diversity of projects the IMA has to offer as an encyclopedic museum. The IMA’s digital content includes video featuring visiting artists such as Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, El Anatsui and Hirokazu Kosaka; videos about works in the IMA’s collection; and audio guides featuring artist Adrian Schiess, the art-collective spurse and the IMA’s gardens and grounds. The content can be found in the Beyond Campus section of iTunes U. Beyond Campus includes audio and video content from the IMA as well as the Museum of Modern Art, Smithsonian Global Sound and other cultural institutions.