I was recently asked by a journalist to provide some comments on guest-blogging. I put together the following tips for people thinking of getting into guest-blogging, or perhaps just starting to blog generally:

In addition to my own blogs, I’ve done quite a bit of guest-blogging over the last several years. In fact, my first blogging experience was as a guest blogger on a Virtual Law blog, virtuallyblind.com, created by another attorney, Ben Duranske. Guest-blogging allowed to me learn the in-and-outs of blogging without the pressure of producing content on a regular basis.

Blogging has been a great tool for building my business and gaining recognition in my fields of interest. It’s driven my page to the top of Google search results which of course means more eyeballs seeing the services that I can provide them. Several of my top clients reguIarly comment that they enjoy my blog and the information it provides. I also place importance in the process of researching and writing blog posts, essentially an ongoing CLE that helps me be a better service provider in the long run.

Tips for guest bloggers:

1. Find the Right Audience. If you’ve got a particular topic that you’d really like to write about, write about it! Once you’ve got that great post that you’re excited about, look around and find an existing blog that matches your interest. Contact the blog owner and propose that he/she publish your guest post. I can’t speak for every blog owner, but I would never turn away a guest post with quality content. After all, any positive traffic generated would be to my blog, where people will see my info and content. Even if a blog owner doesn’t want to publish your guest post, the feedback they give can help direct you towards somebody who will.

2. Go for the Oscar. You’ve got the time and energy to really focus on one great blog post, so do it! I think of a full-time blogger as a TV writer, responsible for content day in and day out. Not all of it can be glorious, but the blog readers become familiar with the “character” of the blog writer. A guest blogger is a movie writer. They write that epic post that blows away all the other posts and becomes a definitive source for a particular piece of information. Throw in some explosions, heartwrenching drama, maybe even just great images that the guest blogger spent a little extra time to locate.

3. Guest-Blog 2: The Sequel. Unlike in the movies, sequels are generally a good thing in blogging. Endorse your guest post on your own site and build cross-traffic. Follow-up with additional info in future posts and people (most importantly clients and potential clients) will recognize you as an information hub.


There are several great resources online to help you get started as a guest blogger. If you’re an Intellectual Property attorney or enthusiast who would like to write a guest post for the Indiana Intellectual Property & Technology Blog, please send me a note.