FranklinCThat didn’t take long.  The Indy Star reports that the Franklin College vs. Franklin University trademark litigation, filed just weeks ago, is already headed for settlement after Ohio-based Franklin University agreed to modify the manner in which it identifies itself in any advertising material sent out to prospective students.

Lawyers for both institutions filed a joint Agreed Judgment today to be approved by the judge.  According to the Agreed Judgment (full images below), Franklin University will have to add the words “of Ohio” or “Columbus, Ohio” to its promotional literature and broadcast advertisements starting Aug. 3.

Additionally, Franklin U. won’t use any variation of the combination of the words “Indianapolis,” “Indiana” or “campus.”

Neither party has admitted liability or fault in connection with the subject matter of the case.



FranklinAgreedJudgment3So that’s it.  Unless there’s another twist, this should be the end of this trademark litigation.  The terms of settlement come so quickly after filing that it makes one wonder whether this could have been settled without filing a lawsuit.  But perhaps putting this matter in the public eye is what drove one or both of the parties to settle.  Nice work all around.