Here’s some positive tech news out of South Bend:

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – (Business Wire) In these tough economic times, many U.S. cities are bracing for change – negative change, that is.

But not South Bend, Indiana. In fact, the city’s future is looking rather bright.

Defiantly optimistic and audaciously hopeful, the administration of South Bend Mayor Stephen Luecke has seen the city’s future, and it’s high tech.

“This is a transformational time for South Bend,” explains Luecke, whose administration has embarked on a bold strategy to attract and promote high tech start-ups through major investments, strategic partnerships, and infrastructure development. “In fact, it’s critical to provide the kind of environment that will attract new investment, draw world-class talent and create jobs.”


“Central to South Bend’s promising high tech future is the Midwest Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery (MIND), comprised of Notre Dame and other universities, and funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology as well as a consortium of the world’s leading computer chip makers – including Intel and IBM.

MIND is one of four primary research centers nationwide that are part of the Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (NRI), established by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC).

NRI Director Jeffrey Welser, Ph.D., notes that the strong partnership between South Bend and Notre Dame played a large role in the decision to base MIND in South Bend.

“In my experience with the SRC, South Bend is the first city to have ever become this involved in supporting a university in its efforts to establish a nanoelectronic research facility,” Welser says.

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