Indiana Copyright Litigation Update – Keystone Management Systems v. William Clyde Moore Jr.

Here’s another case involving misappropriated architectural drawings. Home builders, you should know by now that architectural drawings are protected by copyright law. If there’s a floor plan you really like, just pay for it! The price is beans (approx. $700-1500) against the cost of building a home.

Keystone Management Systems Inc. et al v. William Clyde Moore Jr. et al

Court Case Number: 1:13-cv-00735-SEB-DML
File Date: Monday, May 06, 2013
Plaintiff: Keystone Management Systems Inc.Lockridge Homes-Indianapolis LLC
Plaintiff Counsel: Paul J. Carroll of Mercer Belanger PC
Defendant: William Clyde Moore Jr., Carol Cooper
Cause: Copyright Infringement, Unjust Enrichment
Court: Southern District of Indiana
Judge: Judge Sarah Evans Barker
Referred To: Magistrate Judge Debra McVicker Lynch

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