Indiana Copyright Litigation Update – William James v. Tyler Perry

The case involves Tyler Perry’s new movie, Temptation. Plaintiff, an Indiana resident, alleges to have written a very similar screenplay that he gave to “an associate of Oprah Winfrey” a couple years ago to give to Perry. Plaintiff received no further contact regarding the script and learned of the similarities when Perry’s movie was promoted in early 2013. Plaintiff now seeks remuneration via a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Temptation involves “[a]n explosive romance about the seductive dangers of the forbidden, this film tells the provocative and sensual story of Judith, an ambitious married woman whose obsessive passion for a handsome billionaire leads to betrayal, danger and a choice that will forever alter the course of her life.”

William James v. Tyler Perry et al

Court Case Number: 2:13-cv-00139-RLM-PRC
File Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Plaintiff: William James
Plaintiff Counsel: Darnail Lyles – Attorney at Law
Defendant: Tyler PerryTyler Perry StudiosLions Gate Entertainment
Cause: Copyright Infringement
Court: Northern District of Indiana
Judge: Judge Robert L. Miller, Jr.
Referred To: Magistrate Judge Paul R. Cherry

One comment on “Indiana Copyright Litigation Update – William James v. Tyler Perry

  1. Just like when the woman said Tyler Perry Stole her Book she gave him in 2008, she had proof of sending it and, it was exactly the same, how many movies about black men are there inheriting millions, having a black woman of privilege and dumping her for a low damn near no wage income woman. Where was that play before he made the movie, that woman book stated it was about her past and some of it was made up I read the book and saw the movie, The chick steals Tyler perry parking spot fight with them over it and then have to say sorry cause it was his spot n in that book the same thing happened over a cab. She end up the woman end up home.ess and be like trying to hide it from perry like the chick in the book, her kid took a wash up in this grimy public bathroom like in the book, all through out the movie felt like I was watching scenes from the book. You can’t keep stepping on the little people using the little people stories and making it your own. But keep claiming you trying to save them just cause he got black aces on screen how many people got burned in the process plus in his movie he said his did took little people companies brandished them as his own and built an empire… Scandalous I’m just saying some of y’all are brainwashed with all that, he ain’t gonna cut you a check for defending him if he read this true story keep it real…

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